God is on the move and we are excited about these new changes!


1) The Spirit is moving us to focus more on the family. This means we will be interceding for a new family each week. If you would like to submit a family to be prayed for intentionally for a whole week by our community of 'PRAYers', you can sign up under the "Rosary Count & Intercession" tab.


2) Wondering about our new community of 'PRAYers'? Want to join? Whether you have been logging your Rosaries from the start of this campaign or you just came across our site for the first time, you are invited into this intercessory prayer community. If you are interested please fill out the form on our home page, "About the Campaign". Once you fill out the form you will begin to receive a weekly email.


3) We are also simplifying! This means, we are deleting our social media. Yes, no more Facebook Live Rosaries, but if you feel called to continue to use your own personal social media to continue to spread this devotion, go for it! Anything important we would previously post on our social media will now be found on our website, our main and only hub of information.

We appreciate your patience and understanding over the last few months as we took time to pray and discern what Jesus and Mary desire for this Rosary campaign moving forward.

We also thank you for your docility and receptivity to these changes and updates.