“When I feel heavy and weighed down, I know now that I can grab my Rosary, hold my Mama's hand (Our Lady) and she brings the peace of her Son, Jesus, to restore peace in my heart."

“This Rosary campaign has allowed me to be more confident when asking my family to pray a Rosary with me for peace in our family, even when it seems useless, it never is!"

“The Rosary campaign has been such a grace. For me, it has been a constant in a time filled with so much uncertainty. A constant our world is so desperately in need of.”

“This campaign has encouraged me to spread the word to pray the rosary for our families and it will change the world. I can say this confidently because it has already changed mine.” 

“The Rosary has helped me grow closer to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Meditating on their mysteries has really helped change my faith life and make it more intentional.” 

“This campaign has given me the opportunity to pray the Rosary on FB live with my extended family united to the most important spiritual mother that I have, Mary.”