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The Pray Together Stay Together Rosary Campaign is inspired by Father Patrick Peyton, also known as the Rosary Priest, who gained a strong relationship with the Blessed Virgin Mary when he was dying from Tuberculosis and she saved him miraculously. He was a shy man but it never stopped him from spreading the word across the whole world to pray the Rosary. He wanted the message, “The family who prays together, stays together” to spread like wildfire, and it did! Millions upon millions gathered at his Rosary Rally Crusades because they saw what the power of prayer can do! Today we are in need of the power of prayer! In a world that is divided, let us restore unity and peace. Fr. Patrick Peyton said, “A world at prayer is a world at peace”. So let us all gather with our families, the families we were born into, our friends, our spouse, our church or school community, let us gather with our families of all kinds and pray the Rosary. Specifically, pray the Rosary for peace in the family, the nation, and throughout the world. Saint John Paul II said, “As the family goes, so goes the nation, and the whole world”. May the Rosary bring families back together, may it restore faith, hope, and love in our nation, and may it bring peace over the whole world. Starting on the Feast Day of Saint John Paul II, watch as we join together how Jesus does miracles through this prayer. Watch how it transforms and saves the world. The impact this campaign will have may not be fully realized until we get to Heaven, but we can already see it bearing fruit. Thank you for joining us! You are making a difference by helping to build the civilization of life and love through the Rosary.


All for the heart of Jesus,

through the heart of Mary.


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